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"Very pleased!"

We purchased our computer over a year ago and we knew how to turn it on, basically!

With this course we have saved a lot of money, and we are going to start doing some business online. This is very informative, and a must have for all beginners.....

Bob & Deb Riggs
Magnolia, Kentucky

"I absolutely must have it!"

Very easy to use, very easy to follow, follows logical steps, very good customer support, competitively priced.

Mark Kotaska,
Bonita CA

"I'm pleased and satisfied!"

Information and education is invaluable... buy it.

John Strach
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

"Very happy..."

Consider the source of the product and the success they have had. If you want to be successful you need to listen to people who have
achieved success

Jim Reynolds
Florida, USA

"I'm very pleased"

It was well worth it!

Dr. Paddy Coker
Kent, U.K.


How to Make Your Computer
Do What You Want It To
-- The Ultimate Beginners Guide!

Discover how to use your computer the right way with access to our easy to read, and understand step by step fully illustrated "Ultimate Beginners Guide"

Dear Internet Beginner,

If you'd like to zip around with your computer like a pro, then here's some great news.

Using your computer doesn't have to be overwhelming or confusing anymore. At last, there's a simple guide that shows you how to do all the basics with step-by-step illustrations.

Best of all, you can access this information right now. No waiting or delay.

Here are just some of the things you'll discover:

How To Download exe's, pictures, programs, PDF's and MP3 files:

Adobe PDF Files -- Graphic Images -- Program Files -- MP3 Music Files. There are thousands of programs, pictures and music files you can download on the Net for free.

But to get all the goodies, you gotta know how to download. We tell all the secrets and make it so simple a beginner can do it.

How to use Email, attached files, and understand email terms:

Email Attachments -- AOL and Email -- Glossary of Email Terms -- Miscellaneous Email Tips and Tricks.

You probably already use email. But I bet you don't know some of these tips and tricks. We're going to open up a new world of sleek email management to you.

How to use Windows Explorer:

Working with Files and Folders -- System Information -- Start Menu -- Windows Dial Up Networking.

A lot of people get confused by Windows Explorer. You need to know how to use it because it's the management control center for your computer. Once you know how to use it, you'll have the key to doing all the inside stuff on your computer that is so crucial to your success.

How to cut, copy and paste, drag and drop, open multiple windows and use your program files:

How to Copy/Paste -- Using multiple Windows -- How to Drag n' Drop -- Learn about Windows Explorer Program Files.

If drag and drop, copy and paste and other terms all sound like Greek to you, then cheer up. In this section, we unveil the secrets and make it all super simple.

You're going to be totally jazzed when you learn how to do this stuff. Using your computer becomes fun.

How to use FTP Programs to put up your own web site:

What is FTP -- Learn how to use your FTP Program -- Uploading Files by FTP -- Downloading Files to your Computer using FTP.

FTP lets you exchange programs to your friends much faster than sending an attached file via email. Plus, it's the secret of uploading html pages to your web host to create your web site.

Now, we don't show you how to create a web site. That's a whole topic by itself. But we do unravel the mysteries of ftp.

How to take the mystery and frustration out of using Windows:

Your Windows Desktop -- Windows System Tray -- The Taskbar -- How to correctly save files.

You must know these basics to enjoy using your computer. They are the fundamentals. But we make learning them simple, easy and fun. Just follow the pictures and the instructions.

In just an hour or two, you'll have it all down cold and be able to shock your friends with your new found ability to use your computer like a pro.

How to chat and instant message with friends all over the US and around the world -- for free!

What is Instant Messaging -- Where to find Instant Message Programs -- Using Discussion Forums -- Learning Chat Etiquette.

If you've never "IM'd" (instant message) with a friend before, you have a real blast coming. You can type back and forth to your friends in real time. As you type, they see the message.

It works even if your friends are in other countries. And you do NOT have to have AOL to do it. You can instant message with any old Internet connection.

Talk about saving money on your phone bill. Why pay big money for phone calls when you can IM for free?

How to zip and unzip files like a pro:

Learn how to open .zip files -- How to create your own .zip files -- What .zip programs are the most popular.

When you master this process, you'll be able to email your friends big files, documents, programs and other things in a flash. It's an absolutely essential process to know.

But we make it a piece of cake for you. Just follow the pictures.

How to make money from your website

Learn how to add Affiliate Program banner ads to your website! Hey, if you have a web site, why not make money? Here's an easy way to do it.

How to make your computer virtually virus proof. Never worry about all those virus warning emails again:

Learn which programs are the easiest to use, and how often you need to update your antivirus definition files!

A lot of beginners are scared to death of viruses when they don't need to be. Follow these instructions and you can take the fear out of viruses. You can feel safe using your computer when you are educated about virus protection.

Ever get one of those stupid emails warning you about this or that virus and how need to be terrified of it? Forget about it! That's for computer dummies. Get informed and you won't need to live in fear.

You won't find this information
anyplace else!

We've scoured other web sites and books at the store. You won't find a beginner's guide this simple, this practical, this easy, this complete anywhere else!

Plus, you don't have to dig out some heavy book anytime you want to know something. That's the stone ages.

Get INSTANT Access to the complete Beginners Guide

We've put all our tutorials, instructions, illustrations and secrets inside a course that we deliver to you INSTANTLY as soon as your order is complete. It doesn't matter if it's day or night, you'll get your hands on the course on the spot and better yet, there's NOTHING to download. It's all web based so if you can click a link, you can access the product.

This is all it costs to discover, and uncover
all our beginner's secrets

The price to access How To Make Your Computer Do What You Want It To -- The Ultimate Beginners Guide is only $47.95 $17.00

If all we do is save you a few hours of confusion and frustration, you got your money's worth.

And frankly, I'm confident it's going to do a whole lot more than that!

Rock Solid, no-questions-asked, 100%
money-back guarantee for 60 days!

I know you're going to go crazy over this guide. It's going to be the best $47.95 $17.00 you've spent on your computer (and perhaps your life) in the last year.

Because of that, I offer this no-loopholes guarantee: If for any reason you aren't happy with our site, just let us know anytime within 60 days from your date of purchase and we'll refund 100% of your money.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide -- Only $17.00


Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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